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Note on COVID-19

A note from our founder, Jeff Curran, on COVID-19

jeff fam

I hope this email finds everyone happy, safe and healthy. I realize that may not be the case in this current environment and our thoughts and prayers are with you all. This is an extremely stressful and trying time for our country and the world. While we are isolating ourselves, we are all also in this together. 

My family is no different. I have been spending significant quality time with Jack, my 1.5-year-old son. We have been playing a lot of hockey (he cannot let go of his mini hockey stick, hitting pucks, balls or really any object and repeatedly shouting “goal”) and I push him around (and around and around) our kitchen island on his balance bike. I also have been running and biking with him in a carrier. The fresh air and CO trails help bring us some sanity and good giggles from Jack.

My beautiful wife, Kristi, is the hero in the family. Not only is she a healthcare provider (audiologist), but she is also pregnant expecting our second son (btw, any good recommendations for a name?). Yes, as you can appreciate, we have a little stress here. But, again, we all have our own stress and are in this together.

And, yes, I am also helping lead Elevenpine through this difficult period with my amazing team. Our manufacturer in China has very successfully implemented safety procedures for their workers which (knock on wood) has kept everyone safe from the virus. They are currently producing current and new styles which we should receive in the coming month(s). 

Given I have personally met many of you at a bike or other athletic event, you will also appreciate we have temporarily lost a nice revenue stream selling our products at these same events. During this period, we will continue to focus on sales via our website. We currently have a tremendous sale on pre-ordering our newest (and already our testers’ favorite) touring and gravel shorts - Women’s RideAway Shorts and Men’s Detour Shorts. The $120 shorts can be pre-ordered now for $79 using the discount code RIDE. 

Covid-19 Relief Fund

More importantly, we are also doing our best to give back to everyone, especially those in need. We, therefore, created a special discount code (11Cares) so that you get 15% off your purchase and 15% of the proceeds will go to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund for restaurant workers. This amazing organization is allocating 100% of proceeds: 1) for direct relief to individual restaurant workers, 2) for non-profit organizations serving restaurant workers in crisis, and 3) for zero percent loans for restaurant workers to get back up and running.

Please use the discount code "11Cares" to get your 15% discount and have 15% go to help support this wonderful cause. If you'd like to donate above and beyond, you can do so here:

Again, I hope this email finds you all happy, safe and healthy. We as a country and the world are all in this together. If there is anything I personally can do as well as the Elevenpine team, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish your family, friends and you our best wishes for wellness and sanity through this difficult period in all of our lives. And remember to safely keep physically active (indoors and/or outdoors), care for each other, and to do your best to stay safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best regards,