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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Mark Currie - CSU mountain bike racer
“I have been thoroughly enjoying testing ElevenPine shorts. They don't get caught on the seat and are perhaps the best shorts in the market for mountain biking. I can’t wait to race in them. The quality, fabric, comfort and 11P system rock! Plus, they look great off the bike.”

Sinead O'Dwyer - Pro triathlete
“The Liberator liner is the most comfortable liner I have ever ridden. It is feminine, highly breathable and just fantastic for rides of all lengths. Combined with the Uprising short or the Kick It Up skirt, they are perfect for triathletes, particularly for bike-run brick training.”

Patrick (Boulder, CO) - Regular dude who rides for fun & recreation 
“I rode the Crank It Up short and padded Liberator liner in Crested Butte on some of my longest rides ever. My bum could not have been happier on the trail and in town!”

Ryan Van Duzer - Television personality, cyclist and world traveler promoting bicycle advocacy for PeopleForBikes
“It is about time ElevenPine came to rescue bikers and the public and created a sweet alternative to full spandex kits. Now you can go on a great ride and then hang with friends… without making anyone uncomfortable.”

Chad (Louisville, NC) – Recreational rider that digs all bikes
ElevenPine shorts are tremendous and crazy comfortable on and off the bike. My shorts are aerodynamic and don’t get caught on the seat post and are perfect for enjoying a beer with friends after a good hard ride.”

Tim (Charlotte, NC) - Author and radio personality
“I wore the Uprising shorts and Liberator liner for the MS 150 charity ride. They provided comfort riding 150 miles in crazy heat and hanging out with friends and participants. It was amazing, though not surprising, how much other participants liked my shorts and wanted to know how to buy them right away.“