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Meet Ryan Duzer

“My bike is my freedom machine, I love traveling on two wheels. I've found that 15mph is the perfect speed to experience the world.  I also have a deep commitment to preserving the beauty of our environment and staying involved with local and national bicycle advocacy groups.”

Ryan Van Duzer, Baja Divide 2017, Photo Myke Hermsmeyer
Ryan Van Duzer, Baja Divide 2017, Photo Myke Hermsmeyer


Q:When was your first cycle touring adventure? Was it love from the get-go with the sport? 

A: My first big bike adventure was riding from Honduras to Boulder after two years serving in the Peace Corps. It's about 5,000 miles, and it took me 3 months. I learned that people everywhere want to help, I was taken in for food and shelter by multiple families along the route. And yes, it was pure love right from the start. 

Q: Was cycling a big part of your life before that? What made you take the leap to cycle touring? 

A: I’ve always been a fan of riding bikes. As a kid, I’d ride all over Boulder and go on mini-adventures. I loved the sense of freedom! I didn’t get a car when I was 16, I just kept riding everywhere...and to this day, I’ve never owned a car. I took the bike touring leap because I wanted to see more of the world, at a slow pace. I call it life at 15mph.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of cycle touring? I love meeting people and making friends. 

A:There’s a lot of amazing people everywhere, and when you’re on a bike, you get to travel to places you’d never otherwise visit. 

Q: What does your training regimen look like? How do you stay in shape? 

A: I run more than I bike actually, that’s how I mainly stay in shape. Mountain biking is my favorite activity when I’m home in Boulder. I’d say that I get out and do something about 4-5 times a week.

Q: How did you become familiar with Elevenpine’s shorts? 

A: The owner Jeff stalked me, and forced me to wear the shorts :) Good things he’s a nice guy. 

Q: What about the style/design/fabric appeals to you/makes them one of your first choices for tackling whatever activity/adventure you have planned? 

A: I like how lightweight they are, perfect for touring in the heat..and they last forever. 

Q: How are they different from other shorts you’ve tried? 

A:The zipper on the sides of the legs! I don't use the zipperthat often, I prefer it loose. But if I'm doing any technical mountain biking, and need to get behind my seat, then I zip up!

Q: Any favorite hobbies or sports besides cycling? 

A: World champion burrito eating? I’m a big runner, love doing ultras, and yes, scarfing down burritos afterward. 

Q:What was your favorite part of the Great Divide ride? 

A: Montana was my favorite part. I loved being deep in the woods, and the people are really cool. The Grizzly bears were a little scary though, luckily they didn’t steal my burritos ;)

Q: Do you have a “favorite of all time” cycle touring adventure? 

A: Tough question, they are all special in their own way. I guess I’d say that my first one, the Honduras to Boulder ride. That really inspired my love of traveling by bike...and MEXICO! I love Mexico.

Q: How do you choose which routes to tackle? What are the qualities you look for? 

A: These days, I try to find routes that are a bit secluded, cars scare me. 

Q:Do you have a cycle touring bucket list? 

A:Yes, I wanna ride the length of Sweden someday, through the Himalayas, Colombia, around many dream trips!

Q: What’s your advice for someone looking to get into touring? Gear, trail, length - where to start? Common misconceptions? 

A: JUST DO IT! (I stole that from Nike) You don’t need the best gear, my first tour was barebones on an old mountain bike. I was fine. Start small, try an overnighter near your home, get the feel for your gear, and see how your body does with riding on a heavy bike...then from there, the sky is the limit. Warning--you will fall in love with it!

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