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The Uprising

Elevenpine was born out of the “revolutionary” belief that cyclists shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and performance. As roadies and mountain bikers ourselves, we recognized that there was a large component of cycling culture that wasn’t being addressed: the lunch stop, the mid-ride coffee, the post-ride beer, the trip to the farmer’s market. The beauty of a bicycle is that it’s a means of transport. Yes, you can head out on a long ride that’s purely about exercise, but a lot of us also use our bikes to run errands, to commute to work, to drop our kids at school. And we don’t want to wear spandex every time we jump on the bike.   

Our mission is to empower our customers - and cyclists everywhere - to look good and feel good, whatever the activity and wherever their day takes them. We give you a highly versatile alternative to spandex bike shorts that don’t sacrifice style when optimizing for performance and comfort. Our dual-fit shorts are one-of-a-kind, converting to form-fit on the bike when it's crunch time, and then to a relaxed/loose fit after you cross the finish line, arrive at that lunch stop, or roll up to work.

Our Values

Committed to High-quality

In creating shorts that check all the boxes - performance, versatility, and style - there was another characteristic of critical importance: quality. We wanted to build shorts that were made to last. To that end, each style is designed and rigorously tested to meet the highest standard of quality and performance. Then we partner with some of the best manufacturers in the world to bring our shorts to life.  The result is a product that’s consistently high-quality, and we guarantee it will last through many adventures. Just ask athlete Ryan Duzer, who’s been crushing massive miles while cycle touring in our shorts for years.

Always be Innovating

We started Elevenpine to address a gap in the market between athleisure and performance clothing. We call this new category RecTech™ – technical, versatile, and stylish performance gear. With the design of our first short, we invented the patented 11P® Dual-Fit system to give cyclists and all athletes a high-performance alternative to wearing spandex racing outfits. The ELEVENPINE system includes discreet side zippers that transform shorts into either technical and form-fitting or relaxed and fashionable shorts. 

Community Give Back

We believe that doing business is about more than just our bottom line. Even as a small business, it was important for us to integrate this as a core value from the very beginning. To that end, every year we donate thousands to non-profit organizations doing incredible work, locally and nationally.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction has always been one of the core tenets of our business. It’s why we have free shipping, free and easy size/style exchanges, and are committed to responding to all of our customers in 24 or hours or less. In fact, founder Jeff Curran repeatedly goes so far above and beyond to ensure customers are 110% satisfied with our shorts that we often receive emails like: “Jeff, I want to thank you for sending the exchanged liner and shorts. The large size liners fit perfectly. I will send back the large shorts and previously sent x-large liners in the return package provided. I must add that I usually don't (or more likely never) have received a note from the founder of a product I purchased. I appreciate it.”

The Story Behind Our Name

Elevenpine Founder Jeff Curran spent his childhood in New England, where he developed a strong love for the ocean. So when trying to come up with a brand name, he wanted to combine his love of the ocean and his passion for the mountains. Suddenly, his parent’s home address in Rhode Island popped into his head: 11 Pine Street. He always associated the home with ocean adventures, and pine made him think of mountain adventures. Hence, the name “Elevenpine” was born!

Elevenpine Cycling Shorts - Finally an alternative to spandex

“ As an emerging brand, we’ve been growing a company that is rooted in creating high-quality, innovative athletic gear that enables you to confidently pursue your goals. The versatility of our shorts is one of a kind. With discreet side zippers that transform shorts into either technical and form-fitting or relaxed and fashionable, our cycling shorts adapt to your needs. Whatever you’ve got planned, we’re confident that our shorts would be a welcome addition to your cycling kit. ”

– Jeff Curran, CEO and Founder

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