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Featured athletes 

Tim Deboom

Tim Deboom is a professional triathlete out of Boulder, Colorado. He competed in and won the Iron Man Triathlon World Championships in both 2001 and 2002. He also received a gold medal at the Norseman Triathlon in 2011 and was the first non-european to win the race. Although he does not compete anymore, Deboom still trains for fitness and health purposes. Whatever the activity, Tim Deboom is always rocking his ElevenPine shorts.

Ryan Van duzer  

"I’ve never been a fan of tight bicycle clothing, and Eleven Pine fits my style, and more importantly, my body.” 

Ryan Van Duzer is a professional adventurer, television host, and philanthropist. He is a huge bike advocate and has never owned a car in is life. He has appeared on the Travel Channel, National Geographic, NPR and The Discovery Channel. He has also completed many biking related accomplishments. Including; biking 4,000 miles from Honduras to Boulder, CO, biking from Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas, and riding from Oregon to New York City with his girlfriend Alisa Geiser. On their trip form Oregon to New York Ryan and Ali exclusively wore ElevenPine gear for their cross country ride.