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Elevate your workout with Elevenpine's all-purpose gym shorts

As multi-tasking maniacs, we’re all constantly searching for clothing and accessories that can “do it all” and keep up with our busy lifestyles. Well, look no further than Elevenpine’s Circuit and Session multisport shorts. Masters of variety, these workout shorts are ideal for all types of activities: yoga, group fitness, gym sessions, climbing, and SUP. No need to change if you prefer to cycle to the studio or the crag, or are meeting friends after your workout. Comfortable and adjustable, these shorts will support your active lifestyle.

Both the women’s Circuit and men’s Session shorts convert from loose to form-fit depending upon your activity. Like all our other shorts, they are made from a premium woven fabric that’s durable and lightweight, making them an excellent companion for those who want to spend less time on clothing choice and more time having fun.

For all activities off the bike, the women's Circuit and men's Session shorts are designed to work perfectly with our multi-sport briefs (check out the men’s and women’s briefs here). For cycle commuting and longer rides, pair them with our padded chamois Liberator Liner.

4-Way Stretch

The Uprisings comfortably support a wide range of movement


Side-leg ventilation helps keep the air flowing


A durable, stretch woven material that sheds water

Storage Pockets

Spacious pockets hold your essentials, a zipper keeps them there

“I decided to get a pair of these shorts when they first came out. I have a dozen or more Elevenpine shorts. I have found that I wear them more than any other. They are my kick around hiking trail running gym workout shorts go to the store etc. Love them plus.”

- JT