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Our Story

team elevenpine www.elevenpine.comWelcome to the Biking Revolution… Welcome to ELEVENPINE… You now have a choice! 

Before ELEVENPINE, we had to decide between wearing either spandex racing shorts for performance on the bike or baggy shorts for style and comfort off the bike. Even when not racing, many chose to wear spandex before, during and after their ride given this dilemma. 

Well, we strongly believe everyone, and we do mean everyone, deserves a high chris spandex gross www.elevenpine.comperformance alternative to spandex racing outfits that you can confidently and comfortably ride in and wear anywhere. So we brought together the best of the best. Our amazing team has developed products for brands such as Nike, Pearl Izumi and North Face. Together we have created shorts that are technical and form-fitting when on the bike and simply convert--through our 11P™ system--into loose, comfortable shorts that are awesome looking when off the bike. Made with lightweight, breathable stretch fabric, they can be worn with or without our Liberator Liner.

Our shorts are fantastic for all types of cycling--road, mountain, touring, indoor and more--as well as for yoga, running and other activities. So go ride hard for 5, 20 or 100 miles. Then grab a coffee or beer with friends while feeling and looking confident, comfortable and fashionable on and off the bike. Performance, comfort and style do not have to compete. Shed the spandex outfit and choose ELEVENPINE… Join the Revolution and enjoy your adventures!

What is the 11P™ System

ELEVENPINE invented the 11P™ system to give cyclists and all athletes a high performance alternative to wearing spandex racing outfits. The patent-pending 11P™ system includes discreet side zippers that transform shorts into either technical, form-fitting shorts or loose, comfortable and fashionable shorts. You decide!

Cyclists and the public in general deserve a choice… Choose ELEVENPINE!

How the 11P system works