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Hitting the road with Elevenpine's uprising shorts

Our Uprising Shorts are the go-to choice for road bikers taking on all distances. From 10 miles to 100 miles, our unique shorts convert from form-fitting and aerodynamic on the bike to loose and stylish off the bike. Using a combination of a subtle zipper and adjustable Velcro™ closure, you control how snug they get. Our cycling shorts are lightweight and highly breathable with side and back air vents to keep you cool and comfortable for the longest of rides.Finally, An Alternative to Spandex!

These road biking shorts are truly “tried, tested and customer approved.” They are our most well-loved, original cycling short. With an elastic waistband and breathable, stretch fabric, the Uprising Short is a must-have for every ride. Off the bike, the Uprising has been seen on trail runs, at the gym, and in the yoga studio. Triathletes also love them for the comfort and versatility that they offer. Whether you’re in the saddle for the long haul or just until you get to work - the Uprising will help you take on whatever the day throws your way. 

4-Way Stretch

The Uprisings comfortably support a wide range of movement


Side-leg ventilation helps keep the air flowing


A durable, stretch woven material that sheds water

Storage Pockets

Spacious pockets hold your essentials, a zipper keeps them there

“I purchased the Uprising shorts combo with the Liberator liner. These shorts are by far the highest quality material and craftsmanship of anything I’ve ever tried. They are comfortable and perform well on both long rides as well as short commutes. I absolutely love the ability to zip and Velcro down for riding and undoing them when popping into a gas station or a restaurant.”

 – Eric Kehoe